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Paul Laurence attended Harlem’s White Rock Baptist Church, in the 1970’s. The hit songwriting team Ashford & Simpson were also members of the church where Laurence had the opportunity to experience and learn his craft first hand. Laurence started a group called the Laurence Jones Ensemble, which included Freddie Jackson. The group performed in New York area clubs.

Laurence met Morrie Brown, who introduced him to Kashif. Together, the trio produced, “I’m In Love” and went number two in the Spring of 1987 and King’s 1982 hit, “Love Come Down,” as well as Howard Johnson’s debut album, “Keepin’ Love New, featuring the track “So Fine” in 1982. After the three parted ways, Laurence took on management with Hush Productions. Laurence wrote Hush signee Melba Moore’s “Love Comin’ at Ya” and was number five on the R&B chart in the summer 1982. “Keepin’ my Lover Satisfied,” and “Love Me Right” and co-wrote a ballad with Ondrea Dawkins-Duverney, called “I’m Not Going to Let You Go.” At that time, Freddie Jackson was one of Moore’s background singer and also sang on demos of Laurence’s songs.

In 1985, Laurence wrote and produced the double Platinum hit “Rock Me Tonight (For Old Times Sake), Laurence has written and produced many of Jackson’s hits including “Jam Tonight,” which was a Steppers Classic. Laurence also produced a cover of Prince’s “Do Me Baby, for Capitol Record’s Recording Artist, Mel’isa Morgan, which was number one on the charts for several weeks in early 1986. In addition, Laurence had several hits with Brooklyn singer and Capitol Records Recording Artist, Lillo Thomas “You’re a Good Girl,” “Your Love’s Got a Hold on Me,” “Can’t Take Half (All of You), a duet with with Melba Moore. “Settle Down,” “Wanna Make Love All Night Long,” and “Sexy Girl” a Timmy Allen and Laurence production. In late 1988, Laurence produced Freddie Jackson’s eighth number one R&B hit, “Hey Lover,” written by singer Keith Washington and Sonny Moore. For the Broadway Star and hit Recording Artist, Stephanie Mills, Laurence co-wrote and produced “You’re Puttin’ a Rush on Me,” giving her a third number one hit. Another number one hit, “Do Me Again” in 1991 and “Main Course” a few months later.

With all this success, Laurence also had the opportunity to become a Recording Artist with Capitol Records. His debut and critically acclaimed album, “Haven’t You Heard, ” was released in 1985. The first single featuring Freddie Jackson and Lillo Thomas’ charted number 50 on the R&B chart. Other singles for Laurence included, “You Hooked Me,” “Strung Out,” “Make My Baby Happy,” and “I Ain’t Wit It.” Laurence also contributed to the soundtrack of the 1990 horror film Def By Temptation starring Kadeem Hardison of NBC-TV’s Cosby Show spin-off A Different World. One of his songs, “Help Yourself to My Love,” was recorded as a duet between Kashif and Kenny G. Paul Laurence-related releases are the movie soundtrack to Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing, Keith Washington’s Make Time for Love, Tanya Blount’s Natural Thing, Styrenes’ All the Wrong People Are Dying, and and 1999ʹs Silent Night, Soulful Night.

After a reflective break, Paul Laurence is making music again. Laurence’s additional accomplishments include: an alternative rock album with artist Kimberlee in 2003. He wrote and produced “Can’t Get My Flow,” on Jackson’s 2006 album, Transitions. Laurence produced Lillo Thomas 2010 album, “Come Get It,” and in 2012, he wrote and produced Ashley Blaire’s single “Little Girl.” Laurence has also worked with a trio of young women, Melvinie Jackson, Jani Dorsey and Temple Dunham named Melodik on their debut single “I still miss you,” in 2017. Through his production company, Poplar Music, Laurence has produced instrumental singles “Go on and Dance” 2016 and “Simply Romance” in 2017, respectively. In 2019, Paul Laurence is excited about launching his work with Vincent Matthew.

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