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Freddie Jackson

We go wayyyy back before the success came. Performing in church choirs and vocal ensembles together. When we decided to go for the real deal... We, along with the group we were in, decided to woodshed for an entire year just writing songs and saving money to record them. There was no quality home recordings then. Studio time was a small fortune for those who had very little. “Jam Tonight” was the very first song Freddie, and I, wrote in that time period among others. It would be a few years before the masses heard it. By the time Freddie, recorded “Rock Me Tonight” his debut single on Capitol Records; (I wrote it with his voice in mind), It was a testament of how well we knew each other musically, from the years working together. Once I was finished producing the music, all the engineer had to do was press record and we both sat back and witnessed a first take vocal performance that is now.....well you know what it is!...Freddie is my brother! #paullaurence #paullaurencemusic #rockmetonight#freddiejackson #hushproductions #capitolrecords

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