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Johnny Gill Christmas Song

It was the summer of 1989, I got a call from Timmy Regisford, head of A&R at Motown REcords, regarding a new Christmas Album from the new stable of Motown artist under the late great Jheryl Busby leadership. Timmy, asked me to produce a song on Johnny Gill, and gave me a list of songs to choose from . I picked my all time childhood favorite "Give Love On Christmas Day" by the Jackson 5 (I was surprised that it was still available).

A few weeks later in July, Johnny came to the studio to record the song...I wasn't surprised at all how seasoned he was in the studio as he had been recording records for a few years by then. We did 4 - 5 complete takes with his vocals. It was a pleasure hanging with him for that little time. We laughed a lot! After he left, it was time to compile (comp) the actual lead vocal. I have to say, it was a tough call. There was so much good stuff to choose from..But, I got through it (smile). Those angelic back ground vocals were Audrey Wheeler Downing , and Cindy Mizelle. Two among the best of best!...Happy Holidays!

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