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Melba Moore

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

If you ever want to know what true professionalism is....Introducing Ms. Melba Moore! The First Lady of Hush Productions. What’s truly amazing about her, to me, is her Jazz singing chops. I remember having to close my mouth from amazement, listening to her scat like Mama Ella Fitzgerald.. “Love’s Comin’ At Cha” was a song I wrote for her. Working with her in the studio at first was an adjustment, because I had to get over, that I was producing a Tony Award Winning Broadway Star! She was the total opposite of a Broadway-Diva in the studio. She comes prepared to WORK! .... Ms. Melba, Thank you for trusting me with your extraordinary talent! #melbamoore1 #paullaurence #paullaurencemusic#husproductions #tbt

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