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No Matter How You Rock It #paullaurence #vincentmatthew #nomatterhowyourockit

It's becoming fun again to work with new artist, as I bridge the gap from the incredible artist I had the honor of working with in the beginning of my career…(Evelyn “Champagne” King, Howard Johnson, Lillo Thomas, Freddie Jackson, Melba Moore) to name a few…(shameless name dropping…LOL). Applying my experience of song-writing and production with a newer generation is truly inspiring. For those who still love and cherish R&B, I thank you! You are the life sustaining blood of the genre. I’m excited to be using the old MOTOWN, formula of releasing singles that made them a true force. I hope to inspire my fellow statesmen producers to do the same. What you have is valuable to a new generation. Quincy Jones, understood the value of his experience as an elder statesman producer, not only for the artist’s benefit, but also for his learning as well… I appreciate you! PL #paullaurence

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