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Remembering Kashif – Part One

As I was driving the other day, I thought about Kashif, and decided to play his debut album. It’s been years since I listened to it as an entire project. When I heard Lillo Thomas’ dynamic background vocals set off the first song “Don’t Stop My Love”, wonderful memories began to flow through my mind. I thought of how blessed I was to be working with such great talent in the infant stages of my music production career. Kashif’s dynamic arrangements and bar non among the best mini-moog bass players. He could get any sound he desired out of that mono keyboard quickly. It was magical to watch. Hearing the beautiful background sounds of B.J. Nelson, and many others. Evelyn Champagne Kings’ wonderful background vocal blend with Kashif on his debut single “I Just Got To Have You”. The signature guitar riffs of Ira Siegel. How can I forget the pocket drumming of Leslie Ming…I’m welling up as I type this…

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