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Remembering Kashif – Part Two

I wasn’t part of the production of Kashif’s album as had been originally planned. Due to the success of Evelyn Champagne King’s “I’m In Love”, “Love Come Down” & and Howard Johnson’s “So Fine”, more and more production opportunities came along. It was time to spread my wings. I was knee deep producing Lillo Thomas’ debut album when Kashif, asked me if I had a song to contribute to his project. “Help Yourself To My Love” was the song I wrote for him. The Rhodes-electric-piano and Mini-Moog synth was setup in the control room while the drums were setup in the studio. Kashif played the bass line on the Mini-Moog, I played the Rhodes piano, while Leslie Ming played drums. That was the foundation of the track. I love the finished production by Kashif...

Thanks again fam...

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